About the League of Women Voters of Roselle Bloomingdale

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The League is a multi-issue, activist organization with chapters in all fifty states as well as some foreign countries. The League was formed in 1920 in Chicago's Congress Hotel by Carrie Chapman Catt and others in order to help women become informed citizens as they exercised their newly won, and hard fought, right to vote due to a long campaign that culminated with the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Since then, the League has been a force in American politics as it has successfully registered voters, sponsored candidate debates so that voters could meet and hear the candidates before they voted, and worked hard to insure every citizen's right to vote and have their vote counted.

The League also studies issues upon which members agree ought to be studied. After study, the League will take a position on an issue after consensus is reached by the members. The League is governed by a set of by-laws that are reviewed and agreed upon every two years. 

The League is a great organization to join. By being a member of the League of Women Voters, you will become a more informed citizen, help to educate others about voting and issues of great importance to our nation, and make friends with some of the most interesting people in your community.

We hope you enjoy our website and find what you are looking for. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the League of Women Voters of Roselle/Bloomingdale email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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